Bakeing i super hard for me. I have no idea why. I just suck, but i think I am getting better. I am actually pretty good at decorteing cakes, and such. But making the actual cake is hard. Even betty croacker(?) boxs are hard. I always bake too long, or not enough, put it a too small of a pan, or too big. If you miss one step the whole thing is off. I made(tried too) a chocolate mousse pie, but i didnt get the egg white and cream of tarter to curl(?) so i tried to add whip cream(smart, huh?) to make it thicker, but i had already pourd the water choco stuff in the pie shell, and i tried to pour in with the whip cream, and the pie shell broke. So I make this pudding stuff. Yah. I think I'll stick to cooku

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