rell, hello. BTW i meant rell! How is everyone doing, is anyone excited for school to start? I am!!! I start on the 17th of august, so in a couple days, and I am super excited! I am going into the 7th grade, and i took  my pictures, got my school I.D, and i got my schedule, so i'm super excited. My school only has four blocks a day, and each day the classes alternate from a b day schedule and an a day schedule. i think I have really good teachers, and i got into accl. l.a, haha funny cuz, of my spelling. But really at school i'm a stupendous writer. So i'm excited about that. So school shopping is crazy so i did mine 2 weeks ago, just too get it out of the way, now for my last couple of days im just chiing and enjoying sleeping in! :) hope you all have great school years. I'll blog about my first 

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